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Smog-eating pavement on ‘greenest street in America’

The big rigs rattling past smokestacks sure don’t make this Chicago roadway look like the greenest street in America.

But their tires roll over smog-eating pavement, the streetlights run on solar and wind power, the sidewalks were made with recycled concrete, and shrub-filled “bioswales” keep storm water out of overtaxed sewers.

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Yay for bioswales being awesome!

"Vamos a darle a mi bebé una despedida todopoderosa, el funeral de todos los funerales, el se merece lo mejor. ‘

Hermoso y triste wn :(

this is the saddest shit ever

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This is… not any less creepy in daylight

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[HENSHIN] Fiveman.

Senshi: Gaku/Five Red, Ken/Five Blue, Fumiya/Five Black, Kazumi/Five Pink, Remi/Five Yellow

Transformation device: V-Changer

Transformation command: “Fiveman.”

From: Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman - Episode 17

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